As leaders we are expected to be highly present, have clear and consistent insights, maintain significant levels of energy, and stay grounded regardless of circumstances.
Yet in today’s world of relentless change this can be challenging.
This is why since time immemorial great leaders have taken space to step away from the noise, to get still, to reconnect with who they are and what really matters.
We have designed this retreat for this purpose.

Each of us has two minds: a waking mind and a dreaming mind. Our waking mind is what thinks, reasons, talks. It is limited to what can be perceived through the physical senses, it is limited to the physical world. It is the mind most people use the majority of the time.
But the dreaming mind is far more powerful, as it is unlimited. It is the part of us that transcends the ordinary “reality” of the physical world. It sees deeply into the heart of things, it is the part of us that dreams, it is the seat of our intuition. And it remembers a time when we had greater capacity than we have right now. Your waking mind does not fully understand the nature of things. But your dreaming mind does. It’s time to awaken the dreaming mind.  

Join us for an intensive hands-on weekend. This Retreat will be limited to 10 leaders.

“This was a true unique experience. The group, the useful tools, the way it opened up our minds gradually. The environment, the people that gathered… helped me re-prioritize my goals in life and helped me broaden my consciousness and see things I did not see before. And I am convinced it will help me be happier, healthier and more effective as a leader.”
--SVP Sales at major consumer goods company


This weekend will enable you to: 
• Increase your ability to be present with yourself, with others, in any situation
• Increase your focus significantly
• Increase your level of energy and your ability to direct it
• Increase your inner peace—regardless of what is happening outside of you
• Navigate change and conflict with clarity and ease
• Awaken dormant abilities you knew you had but couldn’t seem to access

Here’s what we’ll work on in this highly experiential weekend: 
Energy – how to clear/re-weave the tears in your energy body, how to get more energy and retain it, and how to direct energy to create positive results for yourself and your team/family

Relationships – how to establish a network of rich relationships with the unseen world and cultivate benefactors to help you in your work and life

Purpose – how to understand, connect to, and live your life purpose and key learnings for this lifetime

Tools – tools to take home and apply to deepen your experience of this realm and of others, to increase your vision, intuition, and ability to manifest the positive changes you want to see in all aspects of your life and work

“I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when I signed up for the STI Retreat. I took the plunge since I trust Christine, and I’m really glad I did. Christine has a unique and fresh approach to cut right to the issue and resolve challenges in a teaching way using both non-denominational spirituality and neuroscience. She blended different practices and forms of ancient tribal wisdom into a modern, flexible interpretation. So now I understand how to apply techniques that have helped humans for centuries to connect more deeply to themselves and others, as well as perform better. You, your team, your organization will benefit from what you learn here.
          --President of mid-market Technology Deployment Firm

“In today’s global ecosystem, the leaders that will shape and transform the world need to practice mindfulness and self-awareness to lead and thrive in an ever-changing environment. The STI Retreat provides ancient wisdom and tools for the leaders of the world in this transformational journey. The clear concepts, with the correct pacing led to fantastic intimacy and connection in the group. I’m a better version of me as a result.
           --Finance Lead at Fortune 100 company & YPO Member

“I loved learning the tools of awareness to embrace the elements, beings, medicines of healing to be more connected to self and others. I LOVED the sound journey – it totally blew my mind. I learned how to really feel present, more connected and calm with a warm sense of spirit and being. The pendulum as an energy healing technique for chakras was really cool too. I can’t wait to bring these tools into my work and life. I have grown tremendously from this experience—and in ways I didn’t know were possible. Wow.”
                          --Executive, billion-dollar Family Office


“I’ve been working on expanding my awareness, personal power, and inner stillness for many years. This retreat brought me tools and insights I’ve never seen before. I learned remarkable things about energy, how it works, how to direct it, how to harness it for better communication and human/business relationships. I now feel more connected to nature and my energy field and I'm more confident about how to manage my energy. This weekend was a transformational leadership experience!”
               --CFO of a top Silicon Valley Venture Capital Firm

crystal-city-2This retreat has been life-changing. I felt stuck in my life and needed to find my path. Now I feel joyful, energized, and ready to lovingly welcome what comes next with a grateful heart. I will continue to do this work with Christine as long as it’s available to me. And I hope that is the rest of my life!
--Technology HR Business Partner


This program, the initiations, and all processes and practices will be led by Executive Coach and Shamanic Practitioner Christine Comaford.

Christine’s blend of 30+ years of working with senior executives and 20+ years of practice and application of a wide variety of techniques (all backed by neuroscience) are what makes  the difference. 

Here’s a high level bio:  • 30 years helping 700 of the Fortune 1000 and 300 SMEs to create and sustain continuous growth  • 7 years as a Buddhist monk navigating profound change  • 17 years studying indigenous mindfulness and mysticism practices including Peruvian and Native American shamanism, Tibetan Buddhism & mysticism, Reiki, Egyptian mystery school, Hindu Polytheism & Raja Yoga sutras  • Selected by the Dalai Lama to assist him in his 2010 tour, worked closely for 7 days, and was asked to represent Tibetan Buddhism to over 14,000 Americans at the assorted teachings he held  • Master level certification of Neuro Linguistic Programming and Reiki  • Has helped 2 USA Presidents (Clinton and Bush) and 8 billionaires and over 1,000 companies to use certain of these techniques.  
Her “business” bio is here.


Opening Evening

  • 6pm:  Establishing the Circle 
  • Opening dinner, Creating the container, Setting intentions, Clearing the path

Day 1

  • 9am - 9pm: The Power of Silence, The Potential of Energy 
  • Understanding your role in the Universe, your place and power, why you’re here and what you are to do, be, become. 
  • Silence: stopping the internal chatter, directing the mind to envision, manifest, heal; creating stillness in others; vibrational alignment and creating the conditions for manifestation
  • Energy: feeling it, generating it, directing it, restoring it, transferring it; expediting the path from vision to manifestation Experiences 
  • Journeys To: re-integrate abandoned parts of yourself, meet the elements, meet your unseen benefactors
  • Processes To: move energy, move the physical with the MindTools: all initial tools for the above experiences 
  • Day 2
  • 9am - 9pm: Building Relationships With Benefactors, Manifesting Your Desires 
  • Understanding your profound support system, your relationships, your helpers and how to deepen connections and interact appropriately. 
  • Relationships: meeting your higher self and connecting deeply; establishing relationships with the elements and selecting your primary one; how to identify elemental imbalances in yourself and others and tools to re-balance; establishing relationships with your key benefactors and integrating resources from them into your mind and body; creating the conditions for rapid manifestation; clearing dense energy and increasing light in the body and mind.
  • Reciprocity: how to express thanks in highly effective ways; vibrational alignment with both what you want help in manifesting as well as with your higher self and key guides; understanding your role this lifetime and ensuring you honor it and fulfill your commitments to the UniverseExperiences 
  • Journeys To: interact and seek guidance from your unseen benefactors, create the conditions for rapid manifestation 
  • Processes To: give thanks that will be physically acknowledged, clear dense energy, increase light in the body and mind. Tools: essential sacred objects to assist with the above and to use post-retreat
  • Day 3
  • 9am - 1pm:  Closing the Circle 
  • Integration and Next, Steps, Ongoing programs, Closing Lunch

  • fire-1The retreat provided a time and setting that was conducive to recharging, reflection, and reminding ourselves of our innate knowledge. I learned new techniques that will help me continue my work from a more balanced perspective, and focus my efforts more efficiently.
  • --Attorney, Am Law 100 Firm
  • alan-eloise-karen“These three days transformed my thinking in areas where I have been stuck for years - and I view the investment in myself as the best ROI I've ever received. The environment offers the opportunity to build life-lasting loving relationships with yourself and others. I highly recommend STI's BTB Retreat to any executive that wants to experience their life in a much bigger way than they knew was ever possible.”
  •    --Senior Executive, World's Largest Professional Services Firm
  • christine-1
  • What an eye opener! This weekend allowed me to dig into some of the magic I witness in Christine. She shared so much, so easily. I had to have breaks to absorb the energy that was moving through me. Now I have more clarity, more energy, more tools to bring to my business and life. I also have a really fulfilling and deepened connection to myself. This was a positively transformative weekend that has enhanced my life in ways I am just beginning to understand. Wow!
  •   --CEO, Asset Management Company
  • group-photo-4My experience was full of discovery and has helped me to get in touch with my purpose in life. I learned how the elements interrelated and how to better work with my emotions and enhance my leadership skills. i now have a box of tools to help me in my journey in life. I am excited about fulfilling my soul's mission with happiness through healing.
  •   --CEO & YPO Member, Automotive Group
  • stones“This spiritual retreat was nothing I expecited! I had met Christine through an Entrepreneur's Organization full day seminar and her energy was amazing. After a long day she was still bouncing with a great smile. I knew I had to attend this retreat since spirituality is something I felt I was missing... Well, put your helmet on and fasten your seat belt! I left with a loving clear vision of where I want my company to go. I am re-energized, re-connected and re-committed to fuller, deeper living.”
  •   --President, Commercial Contracting Company 


IONS Earthrise Retreat Center

101 San Antonio Rd
Petaluma, Ca 94952



The rooms are rustic and baths are shared, yet the grounds are beautiful, have amazing energy and will increase your experience exponentially.

9 Meals

  • Thurs dinner 
• 3 meals Fri 
• 3 meals Sat
• Sun breakfast & lunch

The Program & All Materials

Including 1 Private Video Session with Christine after the event to optimize your experience.


Retreat attire is comfortable, whatever you’d wear to hike or workout. We’ll be sitting for long periods of time (chairs available as well as backjacks and pillows) as well as have some time outside. Bring layers for outside as it may be chilly. Please join us for this Retreat, and awaken the dormant abilities you know you have! 




  • • You are ready to remember, and step into, who you truly are and what you are truly capable of 
  • • You want to understand and experience the mysteries of life and live them daily     
  • • You want to move powerfully into expanded states of awareness and self-actualization
  • • You want to develop community and relationships with people of like mind on a similar path
  • • You want to make a profound positive difference in the lives of the people you interact with
  • • You want to increase your capacity, abilities, and to intentionally evolve
  • • You are ready to stop talking about deep levels of growth and do it



  • • You want a “quick fix” to a problem in your life
  • • Personal growth is not a key part of your life  
  • • You want “arm chair” mysticism: things you can read about but not directly experience 
  • • You want to be entertained for a weekend 
  • • You have rigid views on the nature of reality and are close-minded  
  • • You are not ready to release the mental limitations that are holding you back and preventing you from getting what you want