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New York Times bestselling author Christine Comaford brings her unique combination of 30+ years company-building experience and expertise in behavioral modification and organizational development to help you bring your team, and yourself, into the state of optimal performance and engagement.


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SmartTribes: How Teams Become Brilliant Together

New York Times bestselling author and applied neuroscience expert Christine Comaford knows what it takes to move people from the Critter State into the Smart State, where they have full access to their own creativity, innovation, higher consciousness, and emotional engagement.

  • Close sales up to 50% faster
  • Grow revenues and profits by up to 201% annually
  • Develop new products and services up to 48% faster
  • Increase individual performance by up to 50% annually

What people are saying

  • Ron Storn, Recruiting Manager, Facebook

    All great companies are driven by great people. That’s what SmartTribes is all about. Its groundbreaking neuroscience techniques help you hire the right people, put them in roles where they can excel, and tap into their true potential. With it, you can build a company culture where full employee engagement is the norm, and when that’s true, your company can’t be stopped.

  • Kim Stevenson, CIO, Intel

    SmartTribes helps leaders get the brains of their teams firing on all fronts. With Comaford’s brilliant guidance, they’ll be able to leverage these ‘aha’ moments in a way that wins them a seat at the strategic table. This book will change the way you think about how you work and live.

What people are saying

  • Marc Benioff, CEO,

    We all want to build deeper connections and more trust with our teams, colleagues, and clients. Comaford makes this easy by providing a proven play-book for increasing engagement, alignment, and results in SmartTribes.

Editorial Reviews

In her latest book, consultant Comaford (Rules for Renegades) offers sound advice for making merely acceptable business teams great. Using neuroscience research, the author defines two major states of being: “Smart State,” in which intelligent and thoughtful decisions are made; and “Critter State,” in which people behave in ways that are reactive, rather than proactive. Comaford then examines the myriad reasons teams hit speed bumps. Using major U.S. companies as examples, she shows readers how to achieve clarity, accountability, and develop a sustainable culture."

Publishers Weekly

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