Tap Into Optimal Teams

Neuroscience for Creating Collaboration, Alignment, Cohesion

Four Factors of Sustainable SmartTribesEffective teams are essential to the success of a company. Yet all too often we see silos, sabotage, and withheld information degrading team performance, alignment, cohesion—both within teams and across teams.

The human brain thrives on collaboration when containers, transparency, and a code of conduct are provided. We need to know the expectations, the tribal customs, how to be a “good citizen.” Without these structures anarchy reigns–when the leaders often were aiming for autonomy.

In this training you’ll explore how teams form, and who you should put together for a given goal. We’ll then dive into the subconscious mind, and how each human being relies on mirror neurons to feel safety, belonging, mattering with one another—and how to capitalize on mirror neurons for peak performance. Then you’ll learn how to apply these simple and highly effective techniques to achieve specific business and personal life outcomes.

Join us for a training that will profoundly and positively shift your ability to create happier, more productive, more inspired teams.

Course Information

What Will You Learn?

  • The 3 predictors of highly effective and efficient teams—and a framework for identifying and forming the most intelligent teams to raise organizational IQ
  • How the brain collaborates and the surprising truth about creating alignment and engagement
  • The 5 components of strategic thinking and a process to ensure effective and rapid strategy creation
  • The 2 essential pathways the brain follows to determine strategy and to cause insights
  • Meta cognition and how “thinking about thinking” can help us solve problems more accurately and quickly, and make better decisions faster
  • How to create a code of conduct for powerful teaming and quality outcomes
  • How to foster enthusiasm and momentum via a compelling shared vision
  • Connectors within a company and how to create natural teaming and a culture of meritocracy

Results You Can Expect:

  • Identify optimal team members and give them a framework for collaboration, boosting teamwork and collaboration
  • Form potent team identities to foster loyalty and trust
  • Strategize more effectively and solve problems faster together, causing increased alignment and cohesion
  • Intentionally activate the Reward Network versus the Pain Network to boost performance, loyalty, retention, collaboration, innovation
  • Increase team member emotional engagement, loyalty, ownership-focus by 67-100%
  • Enable individuals to become up to 50% more productive
  • Bring your team the ability to apply our communication techniques and thinking styles both at home and at work, resulting in an increase in personal fulfillment and energy level

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