Learn To Love Change

The Neuroscience of Managing Chaos, Clearing Conflict and Resoloving Resistance

fig9-2_organizational_Rapid and relentless change is now the norm in today’s global business environment. Markets shift overnight, teams must collaborate across geographies, time zones, cultures and the future is consistently uncertain. Business is distributed globally and company cultures are struggling to keep up, much less capitalize on our ever-changing world.

In this dynamic and highly interactive session, we will teach key neuroscience techniques that can be applied to shift a person’s, team’s or an entire company’s mind set with remarkable results. From our work with hundreds of successful entrepreneurs, top executive teams and political leaders, we will enable you to connect and communicate with others more deeply, resulting in profound levels of rapport and trust. You’ll learn to move through change scenarios more swiftly and powerfully.

Join us for a training that will profoundly and positively shift your ability to navigate change, create a new more positive and empowered culture, generate more compelling results—and how to get these outcomes faster and with deeper fulfillment.

Course Information

What Will You Learn?

  • The 3 Key Change Modalities: Organizational Change Adoption Path, Logical Levels of Change, and Present and Desired States
  • The Problem Cycle: how many of us are conditioned to focus on what is not working
  • The Outcome Cycle: how we can learn focus on what we can to create
  • The 3 default roles of Victim, Rescuer, Persecutor and how to shift our own, our colleagues, our team members, and anyone else’s role to their positive counterpart
  • 5 energy management techniques to increase motivation, enthusiasm, genuine excitement in the work group
    • Giving effective feedback: how and when, including the optimal mindset, scripts and stages, and the essentials to ensure behavior change
    • Managing conflict: what is healthy, what is dysfunctional, and the optimal ways of structuring work flow to get and stay healthy
    • How we form habits, release them, change them: the physiology and the practice of forming new positive habits

Results You Can Expect:

  • Identify the brain-based blocks to change and help team members release them swiftly
  • Build greater communication and trust in change and rapid growth scenarios
  • Add humor and humanity to the change process, enabling empathy, compassion, empowerment and true collaboration and teamwork
  • Increase team member emotional engagement, loyalty, ownership-focus by 67-100%
  • Enable individuals to become up to 50% more productive
  • Increase revenues and profits by up to 210% annually
  • Bring your team the ability to apply our communication techniques and thinking styles both at home and at work, resulting in an increase in personal fulfillment and energy level

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