Social Networking – VERY Basic DIY Newsletters / Ezines

Okay guys, this is Newsletter 101.  For those of you rockin’ out weekly and monthly newsletters, skip it – but for those of you who DON’T have this in place yet, this is a must.  It is one of your surefire strategies for success.  To get started, you can grab a free trial of some great newsletter services, like or – there are other choices of course, but for pure beginners, those are two good ones to look at because they do not have a double opt-in feature.  You can simply upload your list and blast away.

Here’s the most basic rule for newsletters – be sure you have one!!!!  Remember, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel here – you can use your blog, or even discussions you launch on your various Linkedin Groups, etc., as part of your newsletter.  Be sure to put a ton of links back to your website, sales page, etc.  (You can also put just a teaser of an article on the newsletter or ezine and a link to the blog or website to read the rest.)  If you REALLY don’t have great stuff written to include, you can go to and use someone else’s stuff – just be sure to include all of their contact info (that’s the rule!).

The next rule is BE INTERESTING!  Everyone’s got an ezine these days.  Make sure that yours has your authentic voice.  Be funny.  Be creative.  Give VALUABLE information on your subject matter.

Next, be sure to include a summary of your featured services, links to social networks, blogs, website, etc., and an all-important blurb about upcoming events!  This is your opportunity to SHOWCASE yourself – don’t be bashful!  Remember your basic contact information also – it’s amazing how many newsletter newbies forget that!

Finally, be sure to have an OPT IN button on your website to capture interested parties that “drop by” and wish to be on your newsletter list.  (Hey, sign up here for my newsletter – believe me, it’s a winner!)  If you’re just starting out, simply send it to every single contact you have in your rolodex.  Be sure to say that it’s your first time and you’d love their feedback.  Many of them will be old hat and have some great ideas to pass along.  

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Christine Comaford, Biz Accelerator
CEO of Mighty Ventures, Inc.
NY Times Best Selling Author 

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