Quota Busters

Inside The Brain Of Your Buyer

The Smart State - Brain ImageDo you want predictable high margin revenue?

Are you generating high quality leads on a regular basis and quickly converting them to clients?

Do you have a path to convert those clients into repeat clients and vibrant referral sources?

Do you want a proven sales and marketing process and plan to achieve these key results?

In this highly interactive training, we explore aspects of neuroscience that can be applied to sales with remarkable results.

Through interactive exercises each participant will be able to actually experience a shift in their relationship to prospecting, marketing, lead generation and cultivation, and client care. The brave new world of sales and marketing is more emotional, more human, more connected than ever before. By delving into the reward network of the brain we learn how to light it up, and how to bring profound positive experiences to our prospects, customers, and even our teams. The presentation will offer a cutting edge toolkit for sales and marketing problem diagnosis and resolution, and human performance optimization.

You’ll learn:

  • The 3 things all human beings crave—and how to provide them to motivate anyone, anywhere, any time
  • A proven process to pre-condition prospects to buy from you and have positive feelings toward you
  • How to close sales up to 50% faster and close up to 44% more of your pipeline
  • How to inject more energy and enthusiasm into the sales process
  • Tools to manage the emotional state of your sales team and keep them focused on reward

As a result of this training you’ll be able to:

  • Identify a prospect or client’s subconscious profile and speak to them in their own language
  • Guide the emotional state of a prospect through the sales process, moving them to increased benefit from your firm as they deepen their commitment to your products and services
  • By consistently applying these techniques our clients:
    • Develop a robust and high-performing direct or indirect sales force
    • Increase prospect-to-customer and marketing campaign conversion rates
    • Increase the lifetime value of a customer
    • Develop a committed following of rabid fans and tribal leaders
    • Improve sales and marketing alignment

This presentation will guide participants on a thought-provoking journey, teaching new ways to deeply connect with prospects and customers, forging trust quickly and expediting the sales process.

Program Duration: 45 – 90 minutes

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