Create Engaged Culture

For a deeply engaged, passionate culture, safety, belonging and mattering must be cultivated. We do this to lay the foundation for trust, for meaning, to make our work mean more than the hours we invest.

“STI has helped us ‘up’ our own high expectations of ourselves. We’re finally out of the weeds—and you can feel the momentum and excitement in our halls—it’s palpable.

Thanks to STI’s programs we know where we want to go, how to get there, and our team is more collaborative and innovative than ever. The increased performance, communication, accountability across the company has significantly increased leadership at all levels. I knew we had a great team, and I see now that they’re capable of far more than I could’ve dreamed.”

STI Cultural Coaching/Training

Step 1: We Assess Your Current Situation

Step 2: We Form An Action Plan

One-on-One Coaching

Group Coaching/Training


We provide four foundational one-day trainings to ensure your leaders optimally lead themselves, others, and the business. Most clients prefer training sessions to be 2-3 months apart.

Step 3: We Get You ROI

As a result of the above programs, client results have included:

  • Individuals become up to 50% more productive.
  • Executives get 5-15 more hours of strategic time weekly.
  • 100% increased their ability to significantly influence others and outcomes.
  • 100% reported the ability to apply our communication techniques and thinking styles both at home and at work, resulting in an increase in personal fulfillment.

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