Corporate Culture: Change Your Culture, Change Your Results

A company culture is like metal… we heat it up with coaching and training and it becomes pliable. We help the CEO set it in a new shape and then it hardens. In time it will need to be heated it and evolved into a new shape again.

The most dynamic and high performance cultures are always “warm” so as to never harden. The people in these cultures in time become comfortable with this state, support it, thrive in it, and even demand it. They become so emotionally invested in protecting this precious culture that in time the CEO and exec team barely have to reinforce the culture… because everyone is living it. They are it.

Here are 5 ways to keep your culture warm (or hot!):

1)      Provide coaching for the CEO and top level executives: this will enable them to identify and overcome their blind spots and shift their challenging/unprogressive behaviors.

2)      Create a culture of constant learning and growth: start with a Growth Assessment so you truly know where your culture stands. From there the tribal customs, rituals, rewards and consequences, containers can be shaped to fully engage your team.

3)      Identify and groom your Emerging Leaders: for a culture to remain warm it must have energy  bubbling up from all levels. Who are your unsung heroes? Team members who rally others and/or bring the most innovation to your firm? Emerging Leader coaching helps them to shift their limiting beliefs and take on new more impactful identities—which will help enhance your culture.

4)      Get clear on Company Effectiveness: it all begins with your mission, vision, values

5)      Get clear on Leadership Effectiveness: to be most present, accountable, clear, powerful, sustainable

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