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Networking, whether it is in person, via Linked In or in another manner, can have a lasting effect on future referrals.

Deepen Your Relationship With Centers Of Influence

Our favorite door opener Caryn Kopp discusses the importance of relationships with Centers of Influence— thought I’d share! Networking, whether it is in person, via Linked In or in another manner, can have a lasting effect on future referrals. This is your opportunity to deepen the relationship with Centers of Influence. If done properly and with […]

How To Lead And Empower Your Team Through A Crisis

How To Lead And Empower Your Team Through A Crisis

According to a recent Harvard Business Review Management Tip Of The Day: A leader sets the emotional tone and the example both in good times and, perhaps more important, in bad. I agree. As a leader, how do you help your team deal with and move through a time of crisis? Before we go any […]

How To Overcome Adversity In 2 Steps

How To Overcome Adversity In 2 Steps

    Think about a novel or movie that you found engaging. Why was it so? Conflict. Conflict makes a story interesting, it moves the story forward, engages the reader/viewer, causes the protagonist to stretch, grow, task risks. Adversity is good – as long as you move through it to the other side. Click To […]

Beyond The Brain: Mindfulness For Leaders

Beyond The Brain: Mindfulness For Leaders

We’ve all embraced the latest leadership tools and techniques. And we’ve become as awesome as we can be. Until now… Making The Brain’s Best Parts Bigger As humans, we have 100 billion neurons available. Yet only about 15% are activated, according to HeartMath Institute, in large part because we focus so heavily on the outer world. […]

Why Leaders Need To Be Great Storytellers

Why Leaders Need To Be Great Storytellers

We’ve all seen them. Emotionally flat presentations. Emotionally devoid corporate mission, vision, and value statements that are simply wall art. They’re not memorable. And even if the team has been asked to memorize them, even recite them, but if you ask what they mean, you’ll get blank stares. Why? There’s no emotion. There’s no story. What’s […]

5 Brain-Based Keys To Engage Your Team And Have Your Profits Soar

5 Brain-Based Keys To Engage Your Team And Have Your Profits Soar

Wouldn’t it be great if we could just tell people what to do and they’d do it? Wasn’t that what was supposed to happen when you finally got that promotion, or started that business? The thing is, your team are human beings—not machines. They are thinkers who thrive on solving problems. When people solve a […]

75% Of Workers Are Affected By Bullying -- Here's What To Do About It

75% Of Workers Are Affected By Bullying — Here’s What To Do About It

Workplace bullying is frighteningly common and takes an enormous toll on our businesses. Research from Dr. Judy Blando (University of Phoenix) has proven that almost 75% of employees surveyed had been affected by workplace bullying, whether as a target or a witness. 75%. That’s huge. So what exactly is workplace bullying? “Workplace Bullying is repeated, health-harming […]

4 Brain-Based Ways To Improve Team Performance

4 Brain-Based Ways To Improve Team Performance

A well-orchestrated team depends on everyone doing their job, at the time they are supposed to do it, yielding the results they are supposed to yield. Everyone likes to think they are accountable. Are they? As a leader, you need to ensure that your team actually is accountable. What does accountability mean to you? Does […]

Master The Art Of Effective Delegation And Gain 5 To 10 Hours Per Week

As leaders, we often find ourselves in situations where we are repeating ourselves. Wouldn’t it be ideal if we could have a ‘one and done’ philosophy where our team is given a task or project and it is completed to spec? What if I told you that this isn’t just a dream? I’ve worked with […]

Types of Meetings: Communication Type Matters

3 Types Of Meetings That Will Engage Your Team and Increase Team Performance

How is your company’s communication? Is it clear and efficient and aimed at driving results or increasing connection? Or do team members talk a lot without saying anything that moves the needle? Maybe you remember this model from my previous blog: 4 Steps To Fast, Effective Meetings where we addressed the types of communication that created […]

3 Things That Guarantee Engaged Employees

3 Things That Guarantee Engaged Employees

One of the most important and core elements a company of people can be aligned on is their mission, vision and values about the company. These components are essential and powerful drivers for the exec team to efficiently achieve the success they want. They are also the key to having a highly engaged culture of […]

7 Steps to Maximize Your Success As A Leader

7 Steps To Maximize Your Success As A Leader

Many people think that executive coaching is for people who have problems. I often handle requests from CEOs and Senior Leaders who want to “fix” a manager or employee who is struggling. While there’s a lot of useful things that can be done to help, I find that the most exponential success usually comes when […]

The Proven Brain-Based Method To Empower And Emotionally Engage Your Team

The Proven Brain-Based Method To Empower And Emotionally Engage Your Team

Many people have the wrong idea about business leadership. They think that if “their people” do as they are told, they must be great leaders. Anyone who deviates gets attacked. Never mind that “their people” are walking around stuck in fear. Or, they may feel that they are the shining light that rescues everybody from […]

Are you in a leadership role?

Are You In A Leadership Role? Here’s What You Need To Know About Your Brain

Human beings actually have three brains. Both our hearts and our intestines have neural tissue. So there is the heart-brain, the gut-brain and the brain that sits in our cranium (or, if you count the one that sits in our cranium as three—reptile, mammalian, and human neo-cortex—then we actually have five brains!). I recently discovered […]

Unconscious bias in the workplace

How To Work With Unconscious Bias In Your Organization

One of the key topics I’m asked about these days is unconscious bias training. More and more studies come in every day that show diverse and inclusive teams (more on what that means later) consistently outperform teams made up of people who are very similar to each other. So it’s time to bust unconscious biases […]

Salespeople Are Burning Out Faster Than Ever — Here’s Why

According to Glassdoor, professionals working in sales can make well into the six figures and are one of the most popular positions companies seek to fill. But retention tends to be low with the pressure to meet numbers, lack of adequate training and inevitable rejection. 71% of companies take 6 months or longer to onboard […]

Angry Customers? Don't Flip - Do This

Angry Customers? Don’t Flip — Do This

“Oh no, Mr. Jones is on line two again! What does he want now?” When our clients/customers complain we want to cringe. We want to hide. We want to defend ourselves. Critter State is a natural escape. After all we’re only human, and our ego and sense of well-being feels threatened. Heaven forbid we actually did […]

Five Fatal Mistakes That Halt High-Performance Leaders

Five Fatal Mistakes That Halt High-Performance Leaders

Companies rise and fall on leadership. Period. And there are five areas that top leaders tend to focus their attention. It’s no surprise that these same areas are where unsuccessful CEOs make fatal mistakes. These are the most fatal mistakes, because by the time the CEO, board or other executives can understand what has happened, […]

The Art Of Showing Up: How To Own Your Leadership Role And The Authority It Brings

Sue, CMO at a Midwest insurance company, receives a litany of excuses from her VP Marketing when deadlines are missed. And he continues to miss them. Dan, VP Sales at a Silicon Valley software company, runs ragged tracking the performance of his sales people and cajoling them into using the CRM. He often donates time […]

Great Leaders Discover Hidden Talent During Lunch Breaks: Now You Can Too

A terrific way to foster connection and safety, belonging, and mattering in your culture is for the CEO to have lunch with small groups of cross-functional employees on a regular basis. The spirit of this CEO Lunch program is to spend an hour with the CEO talking about everyone’s experiences at the company, helping everyone […]

5 Ways Great Leaders Make Work Meaningful For Employees

According to Harvard Business Review, “amazing bosses try to make work meaningful and enjoyable for employees. They’re most successful when they adhere to a few best practices.” I agree with these best practices and would like to take each one step further and offer a tool that will help you leverage each rule. Five “Rules” Best […]

Bullies, Borderline Bosses And Narcissists: How To Survive & Thrive

We’re hearing a lot about psychological safety, narcissism and subconscious bias in the workplace lately. But what’s beneath many of these challenges is BPD—Borderline Personality Disorder—a topic many tread lightly around. Why? Because unlike anxiety, depression, bipolar or other diagnoses, borderline isn’t easily treatable or curable. And very few people are actually diagnosed with this […]

Customer-Centric Marketing Is Emotional: 5 Steps To Understand Emotions In The Sales Process

        Sometimes I run across a tool that’s just too good not to share. This is one of them. I have taken hundreds of my clients and their teams through an exercise called the “Customer Journey.” It’s a powerful process and clearly illuminates what’s missing in sales and marketing messages. Thanks goes […]

Why Mindfulness And Meditation Matter In Leadership

        What stresses you out? We all have situations in which it is harder to maintain equilibrium than in others. Mine is: having to do too many administrative tasks that should be done by someone else. What’s yours? Proof That You Should Do Nothing We know we “shouldn’t” get freaked out and […]

Stasis Isn’t Sustainable: How One Powerful Tool Takes Leadership To A Whole New Level

        How do you need to grow as a leader? I don’t mean something vague such as, “I think I could listen better” but what really needs to happen for you to successfully lead your team? Do you know? Have you asked? Most likely you don’t actually know. Blind spots are so called […]

The Secret Behind Executive Presence

  *As Seen Originally On Forbes   Here’s the counter intuitive secret of developing more executive presence. Stop worrying about how you are perceived. Take the focus off yourself, your image and put it on what’s important in that moment. Focus. Increase your ability to listen, to really be with who you’re with (no matter […]

Surrounded By Toxicity At Work? Do This And Soar Above The Conflict

*As Seen Originally On Forbes “When you point your finger ‘cos your plan fell through, you got three more fingers pointing back at you…” -Dire Straits song “Solid Rock” What if every organizational problem was a leadership problem? That’s right, you know what’s coming. We’re not going to play the blame game. Not today, not […]

How Extraordinary Leaders Transform Self-Sabotage Into Success

*As Seen Originally On Forbes   What’s your poison? Most people have something they do that they wish they didn’t—and often we excuse ourselves by naming other things we are doing that are good. For example: “It’s okay that I’m having this donut, that was a tough client call, I did well, and I deserve […]