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The Logical Levels Of Change

The Logical Levels Of Change: The process of getting from Stuck to Smart involves working at six distinct levels of change. These levels were first identified by social scientist Gregory Bateson. I see them as concentric rings. In the environment, behavior, and capability rings, we have the symptoms. In the beliefs, identity, and core/culture rings, […]

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Discover, Engage And Sustain Workplace Talent In Three Simple Steps

Leaders today need all the leverage they can get. We need to get more from ourselves, our teams, our company overall. Developing workplace talent is the major factor that will create sustainable and substantial success in your company–this will only increase in the near future. Plus, the impact of not developing workplace talent will impact […]


7 Tips To Boost Sales In August

Our favorite door opener Caryn Kopp has these terrific tips for selling in August — thought we’d share! Why waste the month of August cleaning your office? Make the most of your summer byseizing new business opportunities while your competition plays miniature golf!  Most business owners and salespeople assume making calls in August is pointless […]


The Real Reasons Your Team Is Not Engaged

Fact: One in two employees have left their job to get away from their manager. Conclusion: Managers are not creating environments where employees feel motivated or even comfortable. How many of your top performing team members left their position, leaving you, as their leader, wondering why or what happened? Employees and team members will often […]


The Truth About How Your Brain Gets Smarter

“What’s your greatest fear?” I asked Bill Gates one night, over Tom Yum Gai. “Easy—not getting smarter.” Bill then laid out his plan to ensure he’d always be surrounded by super smart people. Maybe he didn’t know about myelin. The Smarter Secret Let’s assume “smarter” means making better choices, getting more of what you want […]


Galileo Was Wrong: The Customer Is The Center Of The Universe [Infographic]

Gartner says that in 2017 CMOs will have a bigger share of the technology budget than CIOs. Mayur Gupta, Global Head, Marketing Technology & Operation at Kimberly-Clark, says it is not about the C-Suite or the budget—the customer is in charge now, and more than ever before. I caught up with him recently to tap his brilliant brain. They’ve […]