Our Process

Rick Thompson

“Within one day of STI’s training, we had over 33% of our entire company ask for more responsibility.”

Rick ThompsonVP Talent & AdministrationRising Medical Solutions

What Leaders Want

Every company we work with, be they large or small, wants to:

  • Powerfully Cultivate Leadership At All Levels
  • Create An Emotionally Engaged Passionate Culture
  • Propel Revenue and Profit

The order of urgency for each topic varies based on business priority. We use the Four Factors of Sustainable SmartTribes, and our proprietary SmartTribes Methodology to bring about positive transformation in the above three essential areas. The result is leaders are now able to consistently and successfully navigate growth and change.

Four Factors of Sustainable SmartTribes

How We Create Results Together

To create results we first need to help create leadership and cultural structures to get people out of their limited Critter State, where fight, flight, freeze reign supreme…

Critter State(2)

…and into their Smart State, where innovation, collaboration, emotional engagement powerfully connect individuals to one another and to a shared cause.

We cause this transformation through assessments, training, and coaching, where leaders learn tools to intentionally get in and stay in their Smart State. Consistent successful results and high return on investment is due to our three-step process, where we assess, act, and determine ROI. Then we raise the bar and restart the cycle.

Smart State(1)

Marc Benioff

“We all want to build deeper connections and more trust with our teams, colleagues and clients.  Comaford makes this easy by providing a proven playbook for increasing engagement, alignment, and results.”

Marc Benioff CEOSalesforce.com

STI’s Three-Step Process

The three-step process explains what is happening “on the outside.” Then we consider what is happening “on the inside” as people individually and collectively move through a transformational process.

STI Three Step Path

As a company grows human beings undergo change on many levels. The work environment evolves, individual behavior now shows more choice, new capabilities are learned, individual beliefs expand, our self-identity and what we had thought we were capable of increases.

Change in the outer rings above is easier to cause, yet less profound. Change in the inner rings takes more time and is more impactful. Our approach supports both: we use training and coaching to foster growth “outside in” and “inside out.”


Karyn Barsa

“I thought I’d learned a great deal about leadership and culture in my roles as COO and CFO at Patagonia, and CEO at Smith & Hawken. Then I met Christine. Our team has come together in a way I couldn’t have imagined prior to coaching with STI. Our revenue and profitability is rapidly growing, our culture is rich, honest, thriving, and our team is rising up and performing at unparalleled levels.”

Karyn Barsa CEOCoyuchi

The Bottom Line

We are highly sensitive to results and return on investment, which is why we provide clear and simple structures, pathways and “maps.” Below is one of our most popular structures—a roadmap for organizational growth.

How to Navigate Common Revenue Inflection Points 10 Million to 500 Million

*Please note that if your company has revenue in excess of $500 million you will be best served to consider each division as a separate “mini company.”

The SmartTribe Methodology has led hundreds of companies to predictable revenue, passionate teams, and profitable growth. Please contact us to discuss your goals and how we can help you achieve them.