Ensure A Great New Year With This Single Key Tool

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Endings set up beginnings.

Do you send out a recap email at year’s end?

Do you show everyone a vision of what you’ll achieve together in the coming year?

This is why it’s essential to recap the key accomplishments of the year, to celebrate them with your team, to acknowledge and appreciate everyone’s contributions, and to then pause to look ahead.


We find it’s optimal to send an email with content such as the below at the very end of the year or within the first few days of the new year. This gives all an experience of closure on the past year, plus generates the good feelings that emotionally engage us (dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin). Next we continue these good feelings by painting a picture of the year to come, what’s exciting about it, what to look forward to.


December 31, [year just ending]

To:       Our Remarkable Associates [or whatever you call your employees]
Re:       [year just ending] Accomplishments and Highlights, [new year] What’s Ahead

Happy New Year [organization name] Team!

Thanks for making [year just ending] an awesome year. Each of you contributed in a significant way and together we created solid and meaningful results for our clients, our associates and our organization overall. We made a difference together. We’re so glad you’re part of our tribe!

[note the above paragraph is rich in safety, belonging, mattering]

Here’s what we accomplished together in [year just ending]:

  • [List specific accomplishments here, per department (Finance, Sales, Marketing, Product Development, Talent/HR, Technology, Operations, etc) or overall area like People, Money/Sales/Business Development, and Business Mode/Product Launches—likely your Needle Movers will contribute here…
  • Examples:
  • Improvements in operational effectiveness, streamlining/optimizing process and standard operating procedures
  • Financial results such as increase in: gross revenue, net income, revenue per existing clients, revenue per new clients, revenue per transaction, gross income
  • # of new clients, new logos, new strategic alliances, new distribution partners
  • Product launches, or product traction in market place
  • New industries or verticals you are now serving
  • Promotions, new hires, awards given, growth/appreciation/measurement/engagement results and other people news
  • New internal programs (for learning/people development, etc)
  • Marketing results such as increase in profile/credibility, social media followers/engagement, media coverage, web site updates, awards received, campaigns and results
  • Special events and results from them
  • New initiatives and results from them
  • Equipment and capital investments, resources added to make work easier
  • Site-or location-specific accomplishments]

In [new year] we’ll:

  • [See above categories to sketch out what you plan to achieve. Your Needle Movers will provide plenty of input here].

Your individual achievements enabled our collective achievements in [year ending] and will ensure we achieve our goals for [new year]. Thanks for all you are, for all you do, for your commitment to your own growth and that of all of us at [organization name]. Together we are making a profound positive difference not only in the world of work, but also in the lives of each client we connect with.

Here’s to [new year’s theme] our theme for [new year]!

[CEO sign off]


Try this format, and improve it too! Let me know how it goes!

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