The 4 Keys = Get Your Leadership GAME On

Get Your Game On

Get Your Leadership GAME On:

Growth: How are you helping your team to aspire to greater knowledge and capabilities?Individual Development Plans, Leadership Lunches, Annual Learning Plans all help. Do you have them?

Appreciation: How are helping your team to feel appreciated and valued? Do you use High 5s, Rock Star, Weekly Wins, Friday Toasts? If not, when?

Measurement: How are you ensuring your team performs and understands your expectations? Do you have accountability structures, weekly status, dashboards, feedback, counseling process, performance reviews, engagement surveys? Do you use them consistently?

Engagement: How are you helping to keep everyone’s hearts and minds focused on how much they love your company? Do you have a solid Mission Vision Values, “Coffee w/CEO” program, company contests, Visual-Auditory-Kinesthetic goals (goals that you show people the progress on, talk about, anchor in an activity? If not, when?

A GAME plan is essential to provide the most fulfilling work experience, which will yield the happiest and most committed, productive, loyal, long-term, constantly evolving team members. You deserve this. So do they. Are you unintentionally disengaging your tribe? The brain needs structures to connect the heart to the workplace, and know we care about them. To bring emotion in.

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